10 December 2015

Teacher Gifts

For the first time in a few years I have a child back in traditional school setting so I'm back to giving teachers Christmas presents. Next Friday is Will's last day before winter break so I need to get it ready by then. I was thinking back to the presents that I have purchased for the many teachers over the years and these are the ones that received the most praise:

1. By far the best received presents were a gift bag with a bottle of wine and baguette from Trader Joe's. It was one of the easier gifts as well. So that the child is not expelled, walk the wine in and ask for it to be delivered or put in their mailbox. If your child is in middle or high school, this is a inexpensive, yet fancy gift for several teachers.
2. Trader Joes also has other gifts like their books of chocolate bars, scented soaps, and this year I noticed a shaving kit for the male teachers.
3. Writing supplies and stickers. Amazon has Sharpies for a good price right now. These personalized notebooks are adorable. Engraved pens are neat gifts, especially for male teachers.
4. If you have elementary aged children, I think the best thing you can give is a bunch of Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer and lotions.
5. Gift cards are perfect for any age. A Starbucks or Target gift card in a Starbucks travel cup with candy and Burt's Bees or EOS lip balms are perfect.

One year my son was really struggling to write so he wrote his teacher a letter thanking her for helping him and that made his teacher tear up. She said that knowing how difficult it was for him made it that much more special. I think everyone wants to know the work they do is valued and that is a super cheap, yet meaningful present.

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