03 December 2015

Thanksgiving Recap

As I type this, I'm listening to Christmas music and basically trying to forget about all of the terrorism. My daughter lives about an hour and a half north of San Bernadino and so that does not make me too happy about all of that. Michaela said there's tons of police out. Anyway, for something happier, vacation recap as promised.

Michaela arrived in town on the 17th. She went back and forth from her friends to sleeping at our house. It felt like she had not left! It was so good to have her home. Her goofiness is shining through in that photo. Haha! Miss that sweet girl. We left on the 22nd and drove to Kentucky to spend the night at my parent's house. 
Around the dining room table my father began regaling his stories of his time in the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard. He showed us his formal hats for Bryson to try on. Bryson wore his Coast Guard hat and it looked so good. I think that Bry needs to give this whole Coast Guard thing a thought. I could not handle another son in the Army, Navy, or Marines, but Coast Guard won't be too scary for this mama's heart. Father and Bry look a lot alike here.
The next afternoon we drove the rest of the way to northern Ohio to spend the next few days with my in-laws. 
I like to ride in skirts/dresses since they are much more comfortable to me than pants or leggings. Oh my. It was chilly and windy and my legs were frozen! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see a video of us driving up to the farmhouse at night.
My sister-in-law gave Bryan a quilt with my mother-in-law's old shirts. It. Is. So. Special! Here are more images of us and my great nephew, Wyatt, great niece, Reagan.
Wyatt was a dancing king!
After Thanksgiving lunch, which I managed NOT to get a picture of (insert hand to forhead slap here), we played games and enjoyed watching the babies open their presents from Bryan and I. The next morning we left for the airport early to drop Michaela off and then we headed down to my parent's house again. It was so nice to be with her and hope to go out there in the spring.
My birthday was on Friday so I got my free Trenna pumpkin spice iced coffee and splurged on a snowman cookie. That was sooo needed on my 4 hours of sleep. 
Mom and the other Reagan at birthday dinner. It was yummy! I asked for BBQ, macaroni and cheese, and whatever else they wanted. I think I over dosed on Velveeta. Oh but it was so good. I looked at a few photo albums with my sister of when our children were little and took a few photos. Watch for #TBT's on Instagram. I wonder if my parents wish that they did not have a child that is in social media? ;)
We came home with a super sick kid here. He and my husband always get ill when we go up there. The farmhouse is well over 100 years old and so their allergies get horrible. Bry kept feeling bad so I took him to the pediatrician yesterday after he was up all the night before wheezing. He had an "extreme obstruction". Basically he was breathing through a straw. He's on steroids, inhalers, and allergy medication. The good news is we have a medical treatment plan for our next visit to Ohio. It wouldn't be a holiday without a sick child. We had a nice time visiting with my sweet Father-in-law whom is dealing with some health issues, my crazy nieces and nephews, and my parents.

How were your Thanksgiving's? 

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