03 January 2016

After Party Sale

As you can see in this photo, Lilly Pulitzer is having their bi-annual sale tomorrow (the other is in August, if I'm not mistaken). This is a big deal in Preppy Girl world. I am on the larger end of their size range so it isn't as big a deal for me to be on when it starts at 8 am. If you are a small or medium, then be ready to go. In August I had great success using the Lilly app. I would download it now and get your account set up. If needed, update your credit card and mailing address tonight. 

I also did pretty well at the store this summer. My store, in Phipps Plaza, is kind of small. Our local Belk was holding the sale as well. So try there and boutiques for more of a variety. 

Drink your coffee, charge your devices, and set your alarm. Then, come here and tell me what you purchased!

I hope this is ready for me!

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