Handmade by Anna Wardrobe for Sale (extended)

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be the highest bidder for a wardrobe handmade by one of my favorite bloggers, Anna of Pleasant View Schoolhouse. Anna is a very popular lifestyle blogger, whom is a gifted seamstress. The designs I purchased are vintage-inspired. Here is the original blog post by Anna explaining the sale. (I am not exactly sure where the ivory and navy floral dress originated as Anna said she did not make it. It is also homemade but unaware of it's origins, oops.)

I have decided to keep 2 items and gave the corduroy dress to my niece. In my sale of her items are 3 dresses and 1 skirt, including the famous Hooverette! If you look at the comments everyone was excited over that dress in particular.

The reason I am selling these items is that even after losing fifty pounds, I did not lose enough in the chest to fit in the dresses. I'm much curvier than Anna (I am not a runner :). If you are interested I will send you a PayPal invoice straightaway and mail the garments out the following business day. The person with the largest bid by next Thursday wins. Email me through my profile. 


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