11 January 2016

Monday Musings

Today is definitely Monday. I did not sleep well last night; too much sleep over the weekend combined with too much caffeine too late yesterday evening equals not going to sleep until 2:30 and having to get up at 7:15. I bought these headphones from Amazon last weekend. They are basically knock-off Beats. They are pretty comfortable. My gold ones broke after 2 years and my Apple EarPods hurt my ears. The only problem with these is I cannot fall asleep to podcasts with them and still have to use the Apple one's, which is not ideal. I think I will buy another pair like the gold ones but in rose gold to match my new iPhone for night and keep these for music during the day.
I finally got Jan Karon's latest Mitford installment. I am only 1/4 of the way through it and I am right back in Mitford waiting for Dooley and Lace to get married. Ms. Karon does not disappoint.
This is my "uniform" this winter (I actually kind of despise the word uniform but that's pretty much what it is). I exchange my Lilly for Lauren or L.L. Bean. In this picture I am wearing an L.L. Bean flannel (in Black Watch plaid) that my sister gave me for my birthday. It had been so warm that I am just now able to wear it with fleece leggings and Bean Boots (which were a gift from my parents). I also wear oxfords from Ralph Lauren, which are great to hide all of the Velveeta laden foods I ate during the holidays ;). Today I am wearing a long sleeved tall Polo shirt (on sale!) and leggings (as seen in top photo). L.L. Bean is having a great clearance sale. Speaking of sales, J. Crew Factory is having 25% off all orders, free shipping, and additional 50% off clearance TODAY ONLY! Use the code BINGO. My favorite city mini is included!
I am not much of a drinker at all but if I drink alcohol I prefer vodka drinks. This weekend my husband opened this bottle of white wine from Old 502 Winery. I had a few sips and it was surprisingly good. I thought it would be gross since it is from Kentucky, but that was not the case. My husband is a food and drink snob and he liked it. Thank you to my sister or parents (not sure who bought it) for giving it to us. If you are in Louisville check it out.

I hope everyone has a great week! Follow me on Snapchat to see some of these type of pictures. I post on there nearly every day snaps of my daily life or things I find funny. My username is vintagewasp. 

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