15 February 2016

Amazing Grace

One of my favorite pictures of Muzzie and myself is when I am a toddler and we are eating cake, presumably for my birthday. It is from 1979/80 and yellowed and grainy, which shows it's rawness. I chose the video above because it is beautiful, raw, and Muzzie's favorite song. She has been on my mind the last few days. I think because my father-in-law has been having issues with his cancer and I am trying not to be fearful has put her on my mind. She once told me that I am the most like her because I am so tenacious (as I age I look more and more like her as well). She and Mother taught me to depend on God. So, as in today's devotion, I am 'Returning To The Lord', as in I am going to depend on Him in all things. This week I am not only minimizing negativity, but also getting my heart, mind, and body ready for anything that lies ahead. Right now my father-in-law is doing better but that will not last very long.

I'll be back on Wednesday with more fashion and recipes. You can also find WASP inspiration on my Tumblr and Pinterest. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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