Friday Five

This week has not been our best but not been our worst. For Lent this year, one of the things I am focusing on is being positive. So, though my bones still ache and I'm frequently sleepy I will list the positives for this week:
  1. I got to sleep in today thanks to George Washington. On Monday, I get to do the same, thanks to Abe Lincoln. Love them and what they did for our country which is allowing me to sleep in. Speaking of George Washington, you can tour Mount Vernon for free on Monday
  2. My voice is coming back little by little. 
  3. Being off of Facebook has allowed me to not focus on negatives. I have gone on Twitter once a day rather than on and off all day, and that is a big thing for me. 
  4. My hair is looking amazing. That's always a positive in my book. Ha!
  5. My oldest son is training in the swamps. I'm so proud of him. Go onto my Instagram to see his picture.
This week's Friday Five is quite eclectic, not surprising as my ADD has been on overdrive. Wait, that was negative. So, I'm thankful to be seeing a new doctor this month for my ADD. There we go.

This is so cute. In this video you can see what Prince George calls The Queen. He seriously is the cutest.

New York Fashion Week began yesterday. As a fashion marketing major, I am always looking for trends and love to see how I can incorporate them in my wardrobe. As far as American designers go, Ralph Lauren is obviously my favorite. His shows are on the 18th, which are usually live streamed. I like some of Kate Spade, so I will be looking at her show, which is airing today on live stream.

 I adore Nigella Lawson's shows and cookbooks. I currently have her current book on hold at the library and if I love it as much as her others, I will definitely purchase it. The NY Times has a list of her best recipes for Valentine's Day.

A couple weeks ago I was listening to The Archers and they were talking about the Great Garden Bird Weekend. Being a aviary lover I was instantly intrigued on if America has one; they do and it is this weekend! The Great Backyard Bird Count began today. Sign up and join me in searching for beautiful birds in your area.

It's really neat that scientists have found black holes in the universe. My first thought is Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory must be thrilled. This article explains what it means for us. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Editor's Note:
Coach Outlet has 50% off of everything this weekend. If they have anything from their Classic Collection, let me know! Thanks, Ruth, for letting me know.


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