10 February 2016

Last Minute Valentine's Gifts for Ladies & Gents

First of all, Happy Lent! I always look forward to this time of year as I get to take a step back. My word for the year, Hustle, is still my focus, but I am focusing less time online. There is so much negativity in my mind lately and a lot of it is because there is so much negativity online. Getting off of my personal Facebook page for awhile is cathartic. I'll still post on my blog page (see sidebar) but I need to just focus on happy thoughts and feel God's love. Taking Twitter and Facebook off of my iPhone for a few weeks is the greatest thing since I spend SO much time on them for both personal and work. Hopefully, this will help me to be more productive and Hustle even more.

Valentine's Day is my husband's and my 18th wedding anniversary. Yes, I married very young, thank you. ;) Anyway, I have had a nasty virus and have not had a chance to even think of anything so I turned to my trusty Amazon Prime subscription and started brainstorming on things that I think he would like and put them here.

Daniel Wellington watches are so cute. You can get them in leather or fabric (his, hers), and the straps can be purchased separately. These are both under $100 and on Prime so you can get it speedily.

Planning a short trip is always a good idea. I would purchase the book then use it to find ideas on what to do for a long weekend (like this weekend because of President's Day, thank you Pres. Lincoln for the extra sleeping time) and then plan it with Airbnb and Kayak. They will be so excited, at least I would. Have your itinerary and confirmation info inside of the book for them to open.

My husband feels love through others doing for him. For instance, he loves a clean home, home cooked meal, organizing his papers, etc. A gift for him is me in a cute apron and cooking him his favorite meal and a spotless home. If you're a fella, do the same thing. Wear the apron and get to work. Your wife/girlfriend will swoon!

Subscription boxes are super easy to do and you can print out your receipt/email and wrap it up. For gentlemen, I would do Dollar Shave Club or Nature Box. For ladies, ipsy is my daughter's favorite but I like BoxyCharm. I grew up with Harry & David subscriptions (their pears are amazing) and I think those are always a good idea like flower of the month or bacon of the month (I'd like that more than my husband).

Do you have your first movie ticket, love letter, photo, etc? Make a framed photo for their office or your bedroom. 

It is going to be very cold here on the East Coast (even here in the South) but if you're like my daughter in So Cal where it will be in the 80's take your significant other on a picnic. Plan the entire thing yourself. Go to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods and get sandwiches/wraps, chips and hummus/guac, fruit, chocolate, and wine (or sweet tea) and go some place that has a special meaning for you. If you're stuck indoors, put the kids to bed and do this indoors...which may be, um, more convenient. ;) My husband and I have had many a picnics on the floor since we have lived away from family and getting a sitter is not always easy. It's funner to sit on the floor rather than the dining room table or couches. Netflix and Chill...

Whatever you purchase, I hope you have a lot of fun!

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