24 February 2016

Southern Style is Polite

Over the weekend I finished Southern Living's 50th Anniversary issue. I loved every part of it. This quote by Dominique Browning was especially perfect:
"Southern style doesn't truck between superficial and profound-the superficial happens to be profoundly important. There's much to be said for the Southern way of good manners, simple kindnesses, and cheer; these things make life more pleasant. So, too, the Southern style of homemaking is, above all else, polite-but in an intriguing way-demure, but you know tucked into all those perfectly arranged layers there is the memories and the possibility, of all sorts of dishevelment and reverie. Southern style has a sauciness that other styles don't have. It's classic; it doesn't make you feel uncomfortable and doesn't do rude, confusing, jangling, edgy things to your psyche when you enter a room."
My husband loves European styles in clothes and decor while I'm a mixture of New England WASP and Southern style. We both love antiques, but not necessarily the time it takes to hunt. No matter what, manners, politeness, is paramount. When people come into our home you'll find lots of family pictures because that's what matters most...family memories.

I am looking to change the drapes and tables in our living room. B likes these tables, which are nice, but I want something more substantial, preferably from an antiques market. I mean how awesome would it be to find Georgian tables in a flea market in Savannah? This is kind of cool, but I don't know since we need a similar colored wood television stand.

Again, no matter what style, in a Southern home you will find hospitality. Sweet tea anyone?

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  1. I have yet to read it. On my agenda for this weekend. One of my pledge sisters is on the staff. We are all playing the where is she in the staff photo.


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