Southern Living 50th Anniversary

Southern Living has been a part of my life since I can even remember. Mother has been a long-time subscriber and I have been reading the magazine since I was a girl and have continued these last 3 decades. Of course Nana has subscribed for decades as well and I have inherited a couple of the Annual Recipes Cookbooks. This month is actually Southern Living's 50th Anniversary. I saw their celebrations on their Snapchat and it looked spectacular!
For their 50th Anniversary, Southern Living has put out a coffee table book and a special edition magazine. I was so excited when I picked mine up and it does not disappoint. The South has changed a lot in the last 50 years, yet, the core of the South has not, which is evident in the magazine and website.

The website has also been updated and it is so clean and fresh. Check out the 50 years of Southern Recipes. SL House Plans are my favorite for when we decide to build. And so much more! 


  1. I have subscribed since i got out on my own. It seemed so natural since my mother and grandmothers always had it too. I have yet to start mine and I can't wait as one of my pledge sisters is on the staff.


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