19 February 2016

When Miss Harper Lee Dies

 I have not been going on social media but once per day to post for my blog, work, etc. I hit the wrong app and accidentally went onto Twitter (I deleted it on Ash Wednesday then we had threat of ice & that's how I get notifications from Bry's school) and as I was about to click the home button on my iPhone the top tweet was Garden & Gun announcing her death. I was shocked, sad, and obviously retweeting. To say that Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird had an impact on my life would be an understatement. It taught me so much about humanity, love, kindness, prejudice, and the Deep South, which a few years later would become my home.

Monroeville, Alabama does not mean very much to many people. It's in the middle of nowhere and tiny. I lived in a tiny town in Alabama, though up at the northern end, while Monroeville is south central so I understand the culture. She left Monroeville for NYC with her best friend, Truman Capote, but often went back to AL to be with her sister, Alice Finch, an attorney. She was a recluse, but could easily be found on her porch or garden, of what I understand. I now wish I had driven the 4.5 hours to find out for myself. Just so I can say "thank you". Also, I want some dirt on Mr. Capote. He sounded fascinating!

When I read the reviews of Go Set A Watchman, I was nervous to read it. I did not want to think she had changed one of my favorite literary characters from what I knew him as, loving and non-prejudicial. Atticus Finch (awesome dog name) had changed somewhat from the first book, but I still liked him. I think if Miss Lee had written a third book she would have straightened things out. 

Even though she did not, as far as we know, Miss Lee was an extraordinary literary figure in the South. Here are some links about her life, death, and quotes:


  1. A book came out a few years ago called The Mockingbird Next Door. It was written by a woman reporter who lived next door to Harper Lee and her sister for a time. Can't remember the author but I'm sure you can find the book. You will love it!

  2. I was sad to hear the news but understood she was not in good health in recent years.

  3. Really? I did not know that, Ruth. Thanks for letting me know. Now I am glad she is no longer feeling poorly.


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