09 March 2016

Does One's Style Change?

Like every morning, I have to decide what I'm putting on to leave the house (if I'm not leaving the house I will be in my pajamas all day). Now that I have a job (!), I have to be more thoughtful of what I am wearing rather than my shirts and leggings to wear to drop of Bry and go to Trader Joe's. I began thinking of my style as a child, teen, college girl, mom, and working girl. Has my style really changed?

On my wall is a picture of me as a child in a sailor dress, another in a Woolrich birds eye sweater and turtleneck, and another in a red polo. Mother dressed me in preppy clothes in the preppy heyday, the 1980's. Now she also loved to put me in Polly Flinders dresses with smocking that pouf out with patent leather shoes. Those were so cute! Muzzie and my Aunt Sunny bought me clothes from Ruff Hewn and Ralph Lauren in middle school. I went to a ultra preppy private school and so it was the de rigeur to wear those clothes. The only time I slightly deviated from prep was when I worked at The Limited for 2 years in high school and Laura Ashley in college. We had to wear their clothes but at least that was when the Rachel Green on Friends plaid kilts were in so I was good. After marrying I still pretty much wore polo shirts and khaki shorts, plaid dresses, etc. Of course I wore other items as I was on a serious budget but my core has always been pearls-twinsets-plaid-penny loafer-kinda girl.

Now that I have to be more thoughtful of what I am wearing in the mornings to get out the door, I was perusing J. Crew and Ann Taylor, I realized, I still really do not like most of those clothes. A few blazers on J. Crew are fine, but most are just not me. I looked at Brooks Brothers and loved their Red Fleece items. How cute is this?!

I assume I will be like Muzzie in my polo shirts, khakis, and vintage Coach purse all day every day as a senior. That's just my style.


  1. You are lucky to have a constant style affinity. I go back and forth between a few styles depending on what's on my agenda for the day. It's always driven me a little bonkers.

  2. I have the same affinity, but not always the same budget. Hahaha!


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