11 March 2016

Downton Abbey Finale (Spoilers)

First of all, can I just say NOOOOOOOOOO! COME BACK! Okay, now that I've got that off of my chest, let's discuss the last episode. It was just perfect. It wrapped everything up in a tidy bow, and of course I love bows. Here are my thoughts:
  • Part of me kind of hoped Lady Sybil would magically appear, but alas she did not.
  • Lord Robert Grantham is proud of his wife, not just love, but proud, and as a wife that is a great feeling. Fellas, be proud of your wives when they are doing something significant other than taking care of you. I always loved the fact that Robert and Lady Cora truly love each other. With Cora being a rich American there to save Downton, there was no guarantee they would fall in love. They did and to me that makes it so much better. They are a Team.
  • The fashions were breathtaking. Edith's wedding gown was different than Mary's to Matthew but just as lovely.
  • Daisy and Andrew need to ride off into the sunset. I am glad that they will stay on the estate, that is if they get married and Daisy's father-in-law allows them to live there. When he said she looks like Clara Bow was the ultimate compliment to her vanity and heart.
  • It took several years, but Lady Mary has finally matured and come off her high horse. The way she has loved her new financially poor husband and then helped Edith get her Marquis. On top of that, she has shown love to her ladies maid, Anna. Back in the day, she would have just let Anna have miscarriages and not taken her to see a surgeon (And Pay For The Surgery) then allow Anna to deliver the baby on her own bed! 
  • The only person Lady Mary has always loved more than herself is Carson. She dotes on him and he on her. I think Mrs. Hughes may be a little jealous as she makes so many snarky remarks about their friendship. I feel for Carson having Parkinson's. I like that Lord Grantham says they'll take care of Carson, but I'll be honest, I do not like that he gave Thomas Carson's position. Thomas doesn't deserve it. That was proven when Carson was gone for a bit and Thomas had to take over. 
  • Edith has come into her own. The sweet words Lord Grantham spoke to Edith when they were alone at the staircase before he walked her down the aisle were so heartfelt, and deserved. In the first season, Edith was her own undoing by scheming about Lady Mary and Mr. Pamuk, but now she is finally happy and successful in her own right, thanks to Michael Gregson.
  • Anna and Bates are finally happy and parents. To happen on NYE is especially nice. They've certainly endured more than their share of problems but it seems like everything is settling down. I think Anna has the biggest heart of anyone on the show. 
  • Tom is probably my second favorite character. I admire someone that has their own convictions yet can keep calm. He loved Lady Sybil to his core, and has his place in the family; someone needs to be the voice of reason. He is smart, capable, kind, and hunky to boot. I wouldn't be mad if there was a spin off showing his romance that seemed to be blossoming at Lady Edith's wedding with her Secretary/Editor. 
  • After 6 seasons, I am glad that Mrs. Crawley has found love and happiness again.
  • Last, my favorite character, Lady Violet Crawley...oh how I'll miss you! She was the best. Dame Maggie Smith is obviously a brilliant actor. It is fitting that she had the last line about not looking backwards, no matter how much you want to.
I will miss all of these people, Highclere, and most of all...the drama. I hope Mr. Fellowes (creator and writer) will bring something else for us soon. 

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