29 March 2016

Jesus & Instagram

Another Easter has come and gone. It's amazing how fast time goes by the older one gets. I thought I'd take today's post and talk about my Easter, how Lent went, and the forthcoming Instagram changes. I had every intention of posting yesterday but my oldest son was on leave and came here and stayed the night. I was able to make him breakfast and lunch and do his laundry for him...things that I now miss since he joined the Army 3 years ago. Sadly, I did not get any pictures as we were having fun.

Let me back up to Friday. My sister, nephew, and niece  came to Georgia and we went shopping, of course. My niece is a world-class shopper, like myself. Actually, she is a lot like me, probably more than my son. My nephew took the photo so sadly he was not in it. I am sitting weird and look like I weigh 900 pounds but otherwise it's a cute one. Do you see my Lilly wristlet (similar)? It's large enough to carry my Ray-Bans, lipstick. iPhone+, keys, and has card holders. I heart it! It is not easy to find a wristlet big enough to fit my phone. It is gigantic! We were supposed to go to dinner on Saturday night but I developed a bad migraine. 

On Sunday William had the Easter bunny and I made maple bacon pancakes. We went to the late church service. I wore a dress (old similar), cardigan, and ballet flats. Jewelry was a cross necklace, charm bracelet, and watch. Afterwards, we went to Cracker Barrel. When I married, Mother began sending me gift cards to Cracker Barrel every Easter so that I could get the foods that I would be getting back home. We basically came home and watched television until Nicholas arrived for supper and a movie (Spectre). As you can see, I was sparse on photographing this weekend. Other than the migraine, my weekend was swell! How was yours?

Now that Easter is over, I am contemplating how Lent went this year. If you recall, my focus is on lessening the negativity in my life and giving social media a break, except for posting for my blog or if I see something at the top of my feed upon logging on. I am also focusing on hustling, which is my word for 2016. I did find a job during this time, which was definitely hustling. Going off of Facebook was wonderful. In fact, if my blog page and groups I run were not attached to my personal page, I would totally go off for good. I have been on three times since Easter and see so much negativity. There's already enough in the world. I don't know...so should we just give up whatever we chose (sugar, meat, spending money, etc.) and go back without changing? I don't think so.

Okay, now on to the Instagram bruhaha. Bloggers are up in arms over the proposed changes to Instagram's algorithms. Many are afraid they will not get the visibility if it is changed from the chronological platform it is currently. Facebook, who owns Instagram, made this change a year or so ago and it has worked out for businesses, but not the average Joe. I'm not going to say the changes don't concern me, but less so after reading Krista's blog post about it. Krista works in social media for MLB as well as has her own blog business, which utilizes social media for advertising the blog. Yes, I use affiliate shopping so I do get a small payment per click. If I am not using social media to bring attention back to my blog, I am less likely to get as many clicks. That's a fact. However, for me, I want people to come to my blog, any social media platform, etc because they like me, my writing, pictures, or are just wanting to keep up with my family. If you want to do so, then like my pictures on Instagram. That's all it takes. Read Krista's post and her links if you are wanting more info.  

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