03 March 2016

Nail Care

My hands and nails have been so incredibly dry lately. When I was sick for about 3 weeks I let my nails go au naturel and I'm applying lotion throughout the day. To be completely honest, I am sure it is because I am not getting my 70 ounces of water that is recommended. Too much makes me nauseated because of my acid reflux. If I was drinking as I should then I guarantee I would not have the dryness issues that have plagued my skin for the last month or so. It's winter as well so that does not help the situation. Seeing that spring is in just a few weeks, I decided that it's time to pick out some new nail products.
When I began taking care of my nails a few years ago, I began pushing my cuticles back as I was taught in modeling school. Then I decided to try cutting them, which was disastrous. Poor painful cuts all over the place. So, I tried using cuticle oils and creams. After using Burt's Bees I tried this one by Perlier as it promotes nail growth and has vitamins. It smells so good as well.

Essie is by far my favorite nail polish. The colors are vibrant and it lasts a few days, unlike most traditional nail polishes.
Though I stopped wearing gels, this Revlon ColorStay Gel polish is inexpensive and lasts much longer than any regular polish. They have a wide array of spring colors. 

Y'all, I cannot tell you how much these drops have saved my polish. I tend to do my nails right before bed, after bathing and moisturizing. Within seconds my nails are dry.
There are probably better hand moisturizers out there but I love this one. I have used it for years, it costs $10, works well, and smells yummy. If I do not use this one I use Aveeno. I try to keep the products I put on my skin on the natural side. The foot creme is also perfect.

At my husband's old office they had parafin wax machine and lawdy that was the best. These products will have to take it's place for now.

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