On My Radar

This has been a very busy but introspective week. I love the Holy Week more than any other as far as feeling closer to Jesus, more than at Christmas. I've been following along with two different studies: She Reads Truth and Southern Plate verses (P.S. Southern Plate's pimento cheese biscuits are ahmazing and can be made gluten free with Pamela's Pancake Mix.)

I'm excited for it to be Friday as I get to see my sister! She is in town (they stay at her husband's bff's as he has a larger home than us) and we get to hang out tomorrow and hopefully some on Saturday too. Look for some sister pictures on Monday. :)

What happened in Belgium is so sad. #prayforbrussels #jesuisbruxelles

One of my favorite classes in school was History of Fashion. Marie Claire has a slideshow of what people were wearing when you were born. I chose this dress from 1955 because it's cute and there's a basket for Easter. Plus, the clothes from the late 70's when I was born are SO ugly.

Our Dogwoods, Cherry Blossoms, and Bradford Pears are in bloom and so gorgeous.

Draper James has new spring arrivals! They are all so cute! I love this daisy dress, tweet along skirt , and bow guest towel set the best. Reese Witherspoon, owner of Draper James and actress, turned 40 this week. People Magazine compiled a list of her quotes.
I saw this recipe on Tumblr for Easy Strawberry Shortcakes and I could not believe this never occurred to me before to make! I mean, how easy is cupcakes, icing, and sliced strawberries?! I think I'm going to make this for my family this weekend and maybe some Nutella brownies


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