14 March 2016

Southern Pi

'The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman.' ~Winston Churchill

This episode of Designing Women is a favorite of mine. It's called "The Women of Atlanta". This was filmed around 1990, so 25-ish years ago. I moved here in 1995 and so I remember the ladies in which Julia Sugarbaker is referencing. Educated Southern women were coming into power, later than our counterparts to the north and west. Two decades after this was filmed, we educated Southern women are essential to the workforce, but most are still traditional Southern women in their homes and hearts. I love talking to these ladies of the South. It's like talking to a character on Steel Magnolias.

Today is Pi Day, and for an educated Southern woman, this is a great day! Because of time constraints I am slightly phoning out my pies today. For supper we are having chicken pot pie with crusts pre-made from Trader Joe's and cream of chicken soup is organic from Whole Foods. Also, the crust for our peanut butter pie is courtesy of Whole Foods too.

When I make these pies, I am wearing one of my aprons and listening to George Strait. If you want more glimpses of my South, check out my Pinterest board, Snapchat, and Instagram.


  1. Hi Farrah! Thank you for visiting today!!! And Happy Pi day to you, too!!!! We are having Pecan Pie dessert but just baked chicken for dinner. Yay for pie to celebrate Pi!!!!!

    1. Pecan Pie is so delicious! I hope you enjoyed it. Come by and visit again, Mrs. U.


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