25 April 2016

Farm Fresh Strawberries

I have been slacking over menu plan's since I began working. That is actually the time to make a plan but I never know if I am going to be too exhausted or not to make a full supper or if it will be salad and baked potato kind of night.

On Saturday morning I went to the Roswell Farmer's Market and found so many goodies. Kale, jams, bread...you name it! I brought home just two things (big restraint): fresh ripe strawberries and spring red onions. The onions look just like green onions but are red and sweeter. I have been putting it in my salads. The strawberries (from Southern Belle Farm!) are just perfect but needed to be eaten fairly fast. That's one of the issues with strawberries so I only bought a quart and will go back next Saturday for more.

I made Kellie's Cream Cheese Banana Bread (no nuts in my bread, just my head) where I fried up the bread then fried up the strawberries. Then topped them with whipped cream. It is so easy and so decadent. My boys loved it. The other is taking Nutella and warming it up in the microwave (or double boiler) and dipping the berries directly into the Nutella. You can take the strawberries and macerate them and mix straight into whipped cream with a bit of vanilla. Last, you can't go wrong with strawberry poke cake. Nigella's strawberry ice cream can be made without an ice cream maker. There's so many recipes! I highly recommend the banana bread though whether you have strawberries or not.

Nigella's cookbook, Forever Summer, has many more strawberry recipes. 

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