Many Happy Returns of the Day, Her Majesty!

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Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is having a special birthday today. It is her 90th! HM is not only the longest serving monarch of GB but also has the longest marriage of any royal couple at 69 years with her husband, Prince Phillip. Queen Elizabeth met her several generations removed cousin when she was 13 years old. He was an officer in the Royal Navy (and a Greek prince) at the time and gave them a tour of his ship. HM and Prince Philip began corresponding via letters and when she was 21 they announced their engagement. They had been secretly engaged prior but King George VI said they had to wait until she was 21 to wed.
You see, HM was not even supposed to be queen. Her uncle, King Albert, abdicated once he decided to marry divorce American Wallis Simpson. Her father became King George VI (if you have not seen The King's Speech, watch it now.) so once the king and his queen consort, Queen Elizabeth, became next in line without any sons, 

Princess Elizabeth was bound to be queen whether she liked it or not. The thing is, she loved it. In all of the articles and books about HM the number one repeating subject about her is that she has always had a sense of duty

The Queen is attending several festivties for her birthday this week near her home in Windsor Castle. Yesterday she opened a new bandstand (gazebo for us Americans) and was sung to by local school children (in the 2nd photo in the pink with Prince Philip) and she went to their local postal service, 
Royal Mail, for a tour of their facility where she saw her commemorative stamps (above and the top with her three heirs) as this is their 500th anniversary as well as the queen's birthday. 

You can pre-order the stamps, but I may just have my pal MVB send me a few sheets. According to the Daily Mail article above, HM intends to spend her birthday at Windsor Castle in private after she has a birthday party with local residents that are also 90 years old.
The British Monarchy, Kensington Palace, and Clarence House twitter pages will be active all day with her festivities and wishes to Queen Elizabeth. Tonight on BBC 1 at 9PM is a conversation between Prince Charles and Her Majesty. Once again, I am bummed to not have BBC Player. In the video below is The Royal Family giving interviews about The Queen for her birthday. 

Happy Birthday Your Majesty! Long May You Reign!


  1. I wrote about her today, too!

    She's an amazing woman!

  2. I'll head over there this weekend. I apologize for not being able to read many blogs lately. I am beat every night but I will go this weekend and visit, Deanna.


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