18 April 2016


See that little chunky thing? That is my great-nephew, Wyatt. He is about to be a cousin as another niece is expecting. Though I was not blessed with preppiest of names, I have some favorites and hope that my niece, Olivia, picks out one. Town & Country made a list and hopefully she will choose something adorable from it like Sloane, Avery, Kinsley, or Brooks.

When Muzzie was expecting my aunt, her fourth child, she just knew she was going to deliver another boy since her first three were also boys. So, she made a deal with her husband that she would name the baby if it was a boy and he would name it if it was a girl. Well, the baby was a girl. Muzzie lost out on naming her only (biological) daughter! My aunt was given the name Virginia but Muzzie nicknamed her Sunny (by the way their last name was Day). It was perfect. Sunny was a ray of sunshine for Muzzie. Hardly anyone knows Sunny's name is actually Virginia.

Out of my four children I only got to name one. The first two are my stepchildren, Bryson's name was actually chosen by my husband. Bryan's son, Bryson, get it? Bryson's middle name is William, a family name for my husband's side. Our last child passed away at birth but his first name came to me in a dream, Nathaniel, and second is a family name, Blake. Those are very preppy names, by the way. I love using family names too. My friend Anne is amazing at choosing the preppiest Southern names. Seriously, it's like her superpower besides birthing four beautiful children and wearing a size 6.

How did you choose your children's names? 


  1. When I was little I used to wish we were Native American and named after the first thing our parents saw when they stepped out of the teepee/hospital. And then got to rename ourselves at our coming of age. Lol.
    Xoxo Caroline

    1. That's such a SEA comment. :)

    2. That's such a SEA comment. :)


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