27 May 2016

Royal Friday Five

HRH Marvin the Hamster has his own Twitter page. A week or so ago Duchess Catherine announced that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a pet hamster named Marvin. The page is filled with adorable watercolored pictures.

Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family (minus the Prince of Wales and his wife whom are in Ireland) attended the Chelsea Flower Show. I appreciate how much everyone dresses up to go to a garden show.

If you want to get up super early you can watch Prince Oscar of Sweden be christened tomorrow morning (5am EDT). I just adore his sister Princess Estelle!

There is a new book out called Winnie the Pooh and The Royal Birthday where Prince George, Piglet, Pooh, and others hang out at Buckingham Palace. Both Winnie and HRH turn 90 this year.

Watch my Facebook page for some sales that I'll only post there to wear for the upcoming Memorial Day. 

25 May 2016

Pearl Girl

Barely a day goes by that I am not wearing a pearl necklace. My grandmother was the same way...pearl girls! My faux pink pearls from Forever 21 fell apart, unsurprisingly as I paid $5 for them. So, I'm looking once again. Here are a few that I adore:

23 May 2016

Update from Farrah

Well, hello there! I thought I'd hop on to give y'all a quick update. There are a few reasons for my recent absence that I thought I'd share. It's important to me to be upfront with everyone at all times as y'all are my friends, not just readers. A majority of my friends have been because of blogging so I feel like I need to be transparent.

  • I have had the worst cold that has settled into my chest. I'm one of those annoying people that bring sickness to the workplace and everyone gets to listen to me hack. My poor husband has had to listen to me coughing all night keeping the both of us awake. 
  • This is my second weekend to rest because I feel so exhausted from the coughing and working that I focus on putting a meal on the table at night and then doing absolutely nothing!
  • A couple weeks ago my oldest son deployed for the Middle East. I am not allowed to say where he his, how long he will be gone, or really any details. Needless to say, there's been quite a bit of stress and prayer on top of spending as much time with him as possible before he left.
  • My youngest has been finishing the last of his junior year of high school.
  • My daughter has been hired as head make-up artist for a new Netflix show!
  • B's a medical consultant and his biggest vendor (a lab) has had a corporate shake up so he is spending a lot of time learning the new information systems.
So, let's say that I have a lot going on right now but nothing that The Lord cannot handle, or help me handle I should say. I'd like to say that I will be back to my three times per week posting but I won't make a promise that I cannot keep, at least until I stop coughing up my lungs. ;)

Be Blessed Y'all!

01 May 2016

May Day

Happy May! This is my second favorite month, December is my favorite, so I am very excited for it to arrive. Outside of pollen, Spring is the perfect season. Everything is coming to life. The sun shines and it warms up but is still cool enough in the morning to go out run errands or exercise without too much wilting in the sun. Strawberries are in season and eaten plentifully with whipped cream on top. Pretty sundresses are ready to be worn with matching hats to the Kentucky Derby.  

 Sadly, I have never performed the May Pole Dance as these adorable little ladies. Do you know of the history of May Day besides it being the first day of May? I had no idea until I read this article. I hope you have a wonderful May.

A delicate fabric of bird song floats in the air, the smell of wet wild earth is everywhere. Oh I must pass nothing by without loving it much, the raindrop try with my lips, the grass with my touch; for how can I be sure I shall see again the world on the first of May shining after the rain. ~ May Day, Sara Teasdale 


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