27 May 2016

Royal Friday Five

HRH Marvin the Hamster has his own Twitter page. A week or so ago Duchess Catherine announced that Prince George and Princess Charlotte have a pet hamster named Marvin. The page is filled with adorable watercolored pictures.

Queen Elizabeth II and the rest of the royal family (minus the Prince of Wales and his wife whom are in Ireland) attended the Chelsea Flower Show. I appreciate how much everyone dresses up to go to a garden show.

If you want to get up super early you can watch Prince Oscar of Sweden be christened tomorrow morning (5am EDT). I just adore his sister Princess Estelle!

There is a new book out called Winnie the Pooh and The Royal Birthday where Prince George, Piglet, Pooh, and others hang out at Buckingham Palace. Both Winnie and HRH turn 90 this year.

Watch my Facebook page for some sales that I'll only post there to wear for the upcoming Memorial Day. 

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