23 June 2016

A Country Girl in the City

Ignoring the overgrown grass, Spring in Kentucky is gorgeous, evidenced by Muzzie's house. I just loved her house out in the country. I grew up just 10 minutes from her in Bullitt County (Bullitt Bourbon is delicious if you drink it). My house was on the border of 3 counties. To show how country it is/was, our schooling was in Bullitt County, electric and phone from Jefferson County, and water was from Spencer County. Seriously country, but I loved it. We could be in downtown Louisville in 30 minutes and back out to the country where the only store in 20 miles was the Country Pantry, which thankfully had a video store. I had an idyllic childhood mixed with kickball and catching lightning bugs intermixed with plays at Actors Theater and shopping at Saks in Cincinnati.

My environment is much different now, for myself, as well as B and the chitlins. B grew up in the country in Ohio but we both settled in a large metropolitan city and have "decided" to raise our children here. We wanted to spend as much time with my husband as possible and his job is smack dab in the city so we did not move out into the suburbs to find a house with a bit of land but have lived in a flat. I use the British word for apartment because it does not sound so bad. Now there are very nice apartments and there is plenty to do in the city, which my children have had the advantage of utilizing without being too far from home. We have traffic and ozone but we also have numerous restaurants, museums, and parks. 

Every week I read my hometown newspaper online. I see tractor pulls, column written by the pastor of Muzzie's church, Plum Creek, Public Notices of when someone buys property or goes to jail. I had to laugh when I read it this morning the list of all of the people in the county that did not pay their property taxes. I suppose it helps to notify them that it's owed but it may also publicly shame them into paying. :) Now to do that in Fulton County, GA would be quite the undertaking...they may run out of ink in the AJC! 

I think there are pros and cons to both living in the city versus living in the country. To me, I think raising children in the country was far better than how my husband and I raised our own in the city. However, my youngest son disagrees. He loves the city and hates visiting my husband's family homestead in Ohio. It's a good thing he graduates next year since I plan to move out to the country ASAP.


  1. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you guys! I prefer to be removed, with some breathing room, but an hour out as we are is too far for my liking. Especially my taste buds!
    Love Muzzie's old home! So classy!

    1. I know! You need to move to the North side!

  2. I grew up in So. California- one giant city! I love living in the country in PA, but I have southern roots and could be happy south of the Mason/Dixon line!

  3. That is an amazing house! Do you have interior photos? How many acres? Any body of water on it? I love that horse buggy on the porch. Is there any way you can buy it? I would move there in a heartbeat! :) We lived in a little neighborhood in a small town for 20 years and three years ago moved to the country on 7 acres and we just love it. Town life had it's perks, but oh how we love the country life! :)

    1. I do at my parent's home, Sharon. I'll look for some next time I'm back. The contents were auctioned when she passed 2 years ago. I have her old piano and cherish it.


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