Monday Musings

Hey! So how are y'all? I'm just trying to get my Monday Motivation going with some thoughts from the weekend. So, on Saturday, I hit up the pool, which led to the above picture. It was cloudy when I left my flat and so I did not think bringing my sunglasses was necessary. I was wrong because about an hour or so after getting there and swimming my laps, the sun came out. The squinting began. It was so nice to be back at the pool!

Do you recall my post about my pink pearls (on my iPad so I cannot link-just scroll down a tad)? My father saw it and bought me these pearls as a surprise! Wasn't that sweet of him? They were from Charter Club at Macy's.

My adorable niece graduated from the 8th grade with honors. I'm so proud of her. Here she is pictured with my parents. Rea is a sweet and smart girl, with a bit of a smart mouth but you know what, being bossy isn't a bad thing.

Today I am wearing an old knit J. Christopher skirt with a pink Ralph Lauren polo. The best thing about this a-line skirt is that it has pockets! A long time ago my aunt, whom has exquisite taste, had a yard sale and I bought it from her. It was like new! So, I wear it here and there and when I do I think, why don't all dresses and skirts have pockets? Is it really that much more work/cost to put in pockets? I think not. Is there some sort of petition to sign to send to all designers asking for pockets?

Well, I need to get to work. I hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with great hair days and summertime fun! Xoxo-Farrah


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