National Iced Tea Day

As a Southerner, I could not let today go by without talking about sweet tea. I have had to cut down on my coffee and tea because of my gastritis, but I still drink at least one glass of sweet tea pretty much every day. In my building is a cafeteria with halfway decent sweet tea but now that my son is working at Chick-fil-A I often get it from there or I make it. 

I prefer just regular sweet tea, made with either Lipton (Mother and Muzzie use) or Luzianna (my personal preference) but I've begun loving fruit flavored tea, whether it is sweet black tea or green. I also like sweet tea vodka. Sweet tea granita is also so easy and delicious. I've heard of sweet tea pie but have not made any. Here are my favorite recipes for sweet tea:

Though styrofoam is perfect for hot and steamy Southern Summer days, unless I am outside, I drink out of either my pineapple glasses or Mason jars. Mason jars are some kind of perfect. I use them for so many things but primarily for drinking purposes. Draper James has adorable lemon pitcher and tumbler. Colonial Williamsburg Marketplace also has gorgeous Levingston Glassware that look like it needs iced tea in it ASAP.


  1. Mason jars ARE perfect, but being a born and bred northerner, I'm not sure I appreciate the value of iced drinks. I promise, however, to give them one more shot!

  2. You should, Jan! I drink iced drinks year round though and except for hot cocoa and the occasional hot tea I always drink cold drinks.


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