20 June 2016

National Wear Lilly Day (Also Summer Solstice)

The first day of Summer is also #NationalWearLillyDay. They are giving out gifts today as well. The tassel necklace is adorable if you spend $200, which is super easy at LP. They've brought back my favorite print You Gotta Regatta! I am buying this dress today and possibly this one. I'm trying to build up my work wardrobe so spending a ton at LP does not make sense BUT it's LILLY!

Here is what I'm wearing to celebrate. I bought this a few years ago at the After Summer Sale. Thankfully it's a tad cooler out today and even colder in my office. I doubt I'll be wearing it much after today until Fall. So far it is my only suitable-for-work LP dress. I'm considering the YGR Elsa but then I'd have to wear pants and Farrah don't wear pants. PS. I ate way too much pizza last night under that dress. Law!

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