20 July 2016

just the two of us

The Friday before July 4th, my husband said to me, "hey. what do you think about heading down to Saint Simons Island this weekend?". Our youngest is 18 and has a way to get to work so I said, "sure". We left the next morning and had a very short stay. Our family has been going down there for about 15 years ever since one of my husband's patients asked him to go down for treatment. Our family has gone down every summer except for last year ever since. It's our happy place. It was very odd with it just being the two of us this trip, but we had lots of fun! 

On Sunday we went to the beach but only for a few hours. The heat index was 108 and I literally felt like I was going to throw up and so we went to the pool to cool down. After cooling down, showering, and grabbing dinner we went to the pier every (actually we went both nights). Walked around the pier area then had homemade peach ice cream at Moo Cow. Oh. My. Stars. It was SO good and could easily eat that every single night and I'm not a sweet eater.

Monday morning I went into the Cloister Collection and got a Lilly dress (seen below) and blouse. I wanted to save my pennies for the sale the next day. We drove home and got ready for work the next day. I wish we had stopped at Vidalia and bought some onions. 

I decided to just show the photos without captions. All of these were taken with my phone, and most on Snapchat. I posted more on my Instagram and of course Snapchat.

Look behind me in the corner. I did not see him when I snapped it to send to my sister and BFF.

Until next time Saint Simons...

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