25 July 2016

Monday Musings

Dixieland, Tennessee

It's lunchtime on Monday so I thought I would take a moment to write about this weekend and a few other things on my mind.  I work during lunchtime so I'm simultaneously answering phones, greeting clients, and typing. We shall see how this goes.

Last week my youngest son left to go to my parents house in Kentucky for a few days. He has not had a vacation all summer since he worked and had summer school. Since summer school is over, we thought going up there would be a nice treat. He had a nice time with my niece and nephew as well as my parents. 

On Thursday, I decided that since B is going to get him that I wanted to go up there too and see Nana. We left on Friday when I got off of work. Traffic was not fun so it took us 7 hours instead of the usual 6 but we made it there before midnight. On Saturday we went to see Nana and the Bry's went to Maker's Mark (no Bryson did not drink; he is only 18). They got me a Tervis, which I have not photographed yet. I think the fellas at work will be jealous.  Nana was doing remarkably well for turning 97 next week. Of course she was a bit tired but who wouldn't be?! We talked for about 2 hours and I'll share her thoughts about longevity in another post.

On the way home we discovered a new park in Floyd's Fork (about as country sounding as possible, right?) so we decided to drive through it and saw an adorable deer, miles and miles of trails, and creek. If you're in the South Louisiville area you should check it out. I think Brown Forman (tobacco producer) is a large sponsor of the park as one of the silos is called the Brown Forman Silo.

After we went back to my parents house for supper with them, as well as my sister, brother-in-law, niece, and my niece's boyfriend. That was so weird that baby Rea can be old enough to have a boyfriend. He seems like a sweet fella, and I wish him luck with our family. ;)

If you have teenage boys especially, check out Ralph Lauren's sale. They have OCBD's for $35. I wear them myself. My son and I are the same size so it works out. I posted a link on my blog's Facebook page.

Are you over this election cycle? After the drama unfolding this weekend, I think both parties are exasperated.

My sweet father-in-law is not doing too well. Can y'all say a prayer for him? He has cancer and currently having some pretty bad complications. Thank you!

I need to get back to work so I'll stop here. I started my week off with a free Starbucks so I'm caffeined-up, wearing my new Lilly (in last week's post), and feeling great. I hope y'all have a wonderful one!

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