12 July 2016

primed and ready to go

I realize I've been absent for a good while. I wholeheartedly apologize. Between vacation, work, and helping Bry push through on his schoolwork that ends on Friday night...I've been so swamped. I sometimes go onto my Tumblr when I need to decompress but honestly, it has been like a week or more on that one. Oftentimes I publish quick updates on things I find on the interwebs on the blog's Facebook and Twitter pages. Of course I'm fairly active on Snapchat and Instagram (@vintagewasp on both). Anyway, I promise I'm good and will return to posting as I am able. I keep forgetting my iPad to post about meeting Susan Branch, vacation, and latest buys.

Speaking of latest buys, I'm popping in to remind everyone that today is Amazon's Prime Day. I mentioned it on FB and posted these adorable earrings, which hopefully are not sold out as things are going quite quickly. Make sure you check out the Amazon Fashions. They even have Jack Rogers on sale. Good luck!

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