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July 18, 2016

Outside my window... I live in July...must I say more? It's hot and humid. I went swimming yesterday and after less than 2 hours I am burnt. But, I love it too.

I am thinking about... Archie Bunker. How I need to dye my roots. I love my job but miss my freedom. Pizza. (I think I may be insane sometimes.)   

I am thankful... the police and the protection they give us.

I am going... to work then home to make supper then veg.

I am hoping... that my husband gets home from Ohio safely today. He has been visiting his daddio (that's what he calls his father) since Thursday. Another first for him to go without any of us.

In the kitchen... breakfast is eggs and bacon, leftover orange chicken and fried rice for lunch (from Trader Joe's freezer section ;), supper will be taco salad, dessert is peaches and cream pie.

I am reading... Sweetgrass by Mary Alice Monroe and new Garden & Gun magazine

Favorite Quote... “Secret codes and lore and lingo stretching back into that fluid time before air conditioning dried up the rich, heavy humidity that used to hang over the porches of Louisiana, drenching cotton blouses, beads of sweat tickling the skin, slowing people down so the world entered them in an unhurried way. A thick stew of life that seeped into the very blood of people, so eccentric, languid thoughts simmered inside. Thoughts that would not come again after porches were enclosed, after the climate was controlled, after all windows were shut tight, and the sounds of the neighborhood were drowned out by the noise of the television set.” 
― Rebecca WellsDivine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

A peek into my day... 
Starbucks Sweet Cream Vanilla Cold Brew is my new favorite drink!


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