Back to School for Teen Boys


My youngest child begins his senior year of high school next week. My husband is taking him to school at this very minute to get him registered (the first year I have missed) as I am at work. While I am on my lunch break, I thought I would share a few items that Mr. Bry uses. My sister very generously gave him 2 large garbage bags filled with good name brand clothes. They are such a blessing! So, I will not be purchasing as much in the clothes department but here is what we have purchased and will be before next week.
More things will pop up after he receives his syllabi but for now, this is what we are purchasing.


  1. I kind of miss those 'back to school' shopping days. It's been ten years since our 'baby' left high school. Once they are in college...well, boys will be boys! Enjoy it while you can!


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