16 August 2016

Happy 53rd Parentals!

Today is my parents 53rd wedding anniversary. They met and wed when they were still teenagers when my uncle (mom's brother) was my dad's basketball coach. Aren't they cute? Her bouffant makes her as tall as my 6'2 father. To be honest, I'd wear her outfit now. He was in the Navy and she went to legal secretary school. They lived in San Diego, Beaufort, Indianapolis, and settled back where they met in Kentucky. 

They worked and raised my sister and I. My father is in the insurance industry, which gave them many opportunities to travel. Sometimes my sister and I went but often it was their time alone. I am actually envious of their travels more than anything. They gave my sister and I every opportunity available and we are so grateful. They shuttled us (and paid for) private school 40 minutes one way each day, took us to piano lessons, friends houses, church every time it was open, and over all provided us with a loving secure home.

Mom and Dad are active in church and they love politics and sports. U of L (blah) is their team but in everything else Mom roots for the underdog always. More than anything (besides God) they love my sister and I and our children. Their grandchildren are their world. I hate that we live 400 miles away and so they were not able to go to Will's school functions or ball games but they have gone to as many as possible for my niece and nephew. Thank you Mom and Dad, for showing us how to survive and thrive with your spouse for 53 years. Love you!


  1. Oh my gosh! YOu are going to LAUGH so hard!!! I thought it said they are into 'politics and porn.' I did a double take and was relieved to see they love 'politics and SPORTS'. SPORTS!!!

  2. Hahaha! That's hilarious! Nope, sports is their favorite activity to watch.


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