31 August 2016

Happy Birthday Muzzie

Today would have been this gorgeous gal's 94th birthday. This blessing from The Lord has meant the world to me my entire life. When she died two years ago I was a mess and honestly there is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her. It could be absolutely anything that brings her to my mind. Something like making bbq (her signature dish), putting on a Ralph Lauren shirt (her favorite brand), or hearing my son play her piano that my sister generously bought for me at Muzzie's auction. So many things remind me of Miss Elizabeth.

Muzzie was strong, oh was she strong. I firmly believe had she not fallen at her nursing home that she would still be alive and literally kicking. She was strong in her faith above all else but she had such an inner strength that sometimes became external if you ticked her off enough. Oh that list was not something you wanted to be on because you'd be on it forever. But that inner strength helped her get through being a child of the Great Depression, deaths of four husbands and a son and grandson, raising her five children single handedly sometimes and her five stepchildren often as Papaw was a truck driver and would go on long runs, and so much more hardship that she endured. It was all endured though because of her unwavering faith in The Lord.

When Muzzie was a young girl she learned to play the piano and until she went to the nursing home she never stopped. She had a nice voice which she passed on to all of her children and some of her grandchildren; I am not one of them. I did inherit her gift of playing the piano, as has my son, her great-grandson. He can play by ear and I often hear him playing, which makes me so happy.

This photo was taken at my college graduation (L to R Aunt VL, me, Mom, and Muzzie.) Muzzie had 10 children and she went to every single one of our graduations, including mine in Atlanta and my cousin Joe's in Florida. Though she missed my cousin David's in Seattle as she had a fear of flying, which makes sense as my uncle and cousin died in a plane crash, so she drove all over. As an antiques dealer she would go places to get a new find or have a booth in a show. I cannot tell you how many times we drove all along the Kentucky back roads to go to an auction, estate sale or some charity shop. If it was hot she would take me to Dairy Queen (the only restaurant in her tiny town) or better yet we'd grab a carton she got on sale in her numerous freezers on the porch. Summers with Muzzie were the best!

Muzzie was a second mother to me and I always made weekly calls to her. I'm sad their over, but I'm so blessed that she was my grandmother and I could have them with her at all.


  1. How lovely to have such warm memories of your grandmother and that she was so dear that she was like a second mother to you. Having gone through the depression, growing into a strong and resilient person, by your writing I gather her gifts and strengths were aimed at the love and care of her family.

  2. That was beautifully said Farrah. I know you meant as much to Muz as she meant to you. She was an amazing person and I loved her very much and feel blessed to have known her. I think about her often and miss her terribly as I know everyone does. She brought joy, laughter, love and wisdom to everyone that knew her. Happy Birthday Muzzie we all miss you!


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