09 August 2016

National Book Lovers Day

 For National Book Lovers Day, I thought it is high time to finally share about the day I met Susan Branch. In June I looked at my Twitter and saw author Susan Branch tweet that she (and her husband) are coming to the Foxtale Book Shoppe in Woodstock (about 30 miles outside of Atlanta). Knowing that one of my besties, C, and I both adore her books, I texted her and the next day our tickets were bought. C. lives a good hour south so we met in Woodstock on that hot, hot day. You can see Susan's A Fine Romance van. Its so neat and had just been from Martha's Vineyard to California and back to Georgia (on it's way to Martha's Vineyard).
 This is a video of Susan giving a small talk before before the book signing. Susan, if you happen to read this, you have my condolences on the death of your father. xoxoxo
 Susan heard Baby E. during her talk and very sweetly had us, and other mothers and elderly get in line first. So this is C, S, and E meeting Susan, who was so kind to S and talked to her not has a toddler but as a girl. 
 This is a group photo. I adore this! I love my girls and wish I could see them more often. C's birthday present is supposed to come in on the 20th and I'll head down south after it arrives.
 The book signing was for the last book in her biographical trilogy, Isle of Dreams. I had already read that one and requested to get 30th Anniversary edition of Heart of the Home. I have already made a few recipes from it! The Basil Ice Cream sounds divine, only if I had an ice cream maker. Boo! Thank you to the Foxtale Book Shoppe and Susan Branch for having the signing. We had such fun!
P.S. I had to share this gem that E sent to me (via her momma ;). Is this not the sweetest thing ever? You'll notice blurring of the children's faces or Snapchat filter as well as using their first initial of their names for anonymity. 


  1. We had such s wonderful time with you meeting her! I think the day is emblazoned in S's memory. ๐Ÿ˜˜
    Can't wait to meet up again!
    Xoxo Caroline


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