29 August 2016

Visit to Charlotte

A few weeks ago my husband asked me what I wanted to do that weekend. We had a loaner as one of the vehicles was in the shop. I had been wanting to go to The Billy Graham Library for awhile and said that's where I wanted to go. So we woke up on Saturday morning and took off. I had intended to stay the night but B thought we could do it all in one day. He was sort of right. We went to the Library, farmer's market, and Cracker Barrel. I had hoped to visit a French bakery one of my besties, whom lives in Charlotte, told me about, as well as meet up with said bestie. Still, I am so glad that we went and that was so wonderful, and something I crossed off of a "want to do list".

On the grounds of the Library is the home Billy Graham grew up in, Library, and Ruth Bell Graham's gravestone. I'm sure there's more but that's what I remember at this time. Here are some photos: 

His family's home place. Mr. Graham's mother's caretaker was there that day showing photos and sharing tidbits about his parents. That was so neat!

The Library is more like a museum dedicated to Mr. and Mrs. Graham's lives. This was when B.G. went to Los Angeles and preached for around 2 months.

As a young man.

Ruth Bell Graham's wedding dress

Pres. Geo. H.W. Bush, Pres. Bill Clinton, Billy Graham, (son) Franklin Graham, Pres. Jimmy Carter

Mr. Graham has met with US Presidents since the 1940's. Here are a few.

Mrs. Graham was raised in China so the Asian culture was important for her. She went to Wheaton College, where she met Mr. Graham. They married, had 5 children, which she predominantly raised, and they were very happy. I think one of my favorite parts is when people asked Mr. Graham is the greatest Christian, he said his wife. Can you imagine? I want to be just like her when I grow up, well, in Ralph Lauren clothing.

I thought I had a photo of my food at Cracker Barrel, but must have deleted it. Oops! Anyway, it was delicious, as always.

I'm still trying to swim 3 times per week or so. This past Saturday, I was the only one at the pool; just the way I like it!

Next month begins Fashion Month so I will do my best to keep up and share things I like. Well, lunch break is over...back to the grind. Ironically, I am going back to writing blog posts for work. :) Have a great week! 

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