28 September 2016

Chitlins Update

It has been a good while since I've done an update on the children, or chitlins as I call them. They are all doing well for the most part. I'll start with the oldest, Alexander. He is still deployed (cannot share details) but is happy. This is his second deployment and for some strange reason he's happiest when deployed. He will be home early next year.

Anne is doing great in L.A. She has lost 100 pounds since moving! She works out like crazy and eats a low carb diet, which is easier to do with all of the inexpensive fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables out there. She's regularly working as a make-up artist, including just finished a Netflix show.

William is a senior in high school and is doing pretty well. He has had some recent girl drama but let's face it, that happens in high school. We are looking at tech schools for next year (coding) and he's working at a local fast food restaurant.

I'm blessed to be their mother.

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22 September 2016

Autumnal Equinox

Photo cred.
Go, sit upon the lofty hill,
And turn your eyes around,
Where waving woods and waters wild
Do hymn an autumn sound.
The summer sun is faint on them —
The summer flowers depart —
Sit still — as all transform’d to stone,
Except your musing heart.

How there you sat in summer-time,
May yet be in your mind;
And how you heard the green woods sing
Beneath the freshening wind.
Though the same wind now blows around,
You would its blast recall;
For every breath that stirs the trees,
Doth cause a leaf to fall.

Oh! like that wind, is all the mirth
That flesh and dust impart:
We cannot bear its visitings,
When change is on the heart.
Gay words and jests may make us smile,
When Sorrow is asleep;
But other things must make us smile,
When Sorrow bids us weep!

The dearest hands that clasp our hands, —
Their presence may be o’er;
The dearest voice that meets our ear,
That tone may come no more!
Youth fades; and then, the joys of youth,
Which once refresh’d our mind,
Shall come — as, on those sighing woods,
The chilling autumn wind.

Hear not the wind — view not the woods;
Look out o’er vale and hill —
In spring, the sky encircled them —
The sky is round them still.
Come autumn’s scathe — come winter’s cold —
Come change — and human fate!
Whatever prospect Heaven doth bound,
Can ne’er be desolate.
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning, The Autumn

09 September 2016

Working Essentials

Since working outside of the home for a few months I thought I'd share a few essentials (to me). I start my morning at 6:30 when my alarm goes off then I fight staying in the bed for 5-10 minutes. I put on my clothes by the light of my iPhone then head into the kitchen for water. Hydration is key for pretty skin, especially as we age! Then I head into my son's bathroom as it has a vanity. I moisturize, brush teeth, "put on my face", flat iron my hair, and put on my perfume and jewelry. Then I head into kitchen to make my son and my lunches and our breakfasts. Wake up the "child" as he typically sleeps through his alarm. Then put my bag together: iPad in case, keyboard, headphones, wallet, acetaminophen, breath strips, lunch, water bottle, social media calendar (work) and notebook, and last but not least, my phone. I keep chargers in my car and at work but if you do not, make sure to put one in your bag as well. If you buy the wall charger for your iPad, it will charge your iPhone up quickly. Of course copious amounts of caffeine will be required. I fill up a Tervis cup with Starbucks from my refrigerator, or if I have time, then stop by DD or Sbux and get a pumpkin iced coffee (not latte).

Getting dressed requires a few things to take into consideration. What is the weather inside and outside of your office? Will any important clients be coming in the office? What are your plans for after work? Above all else, what will make you feel confident? My #1 suggestion is cardigans! My sister told me to invest in 3-4 as they will be in demand, especially in the summer. It is hot outside so you need sleeveless or short sleeves but inside of the office it is often cold (as it is in hers and mine). My office is business casual with an emphasis on business. For instance the guys wear dress pants with polos or button ups. The other girl and I wear dress pants with Elsa type shirt or button up or dresses (what I mainly wear). Being in the front, it is important that I dress up more than the rest of the crew as I am the first person a perspective client will see so I dress up more than the other girl in the office. You'll find me in a lot of knit sheaths or fit and flare dresses with flats and cardigans. Also pearls, pretty much always pearls, but I do want this necklace since my state one was recently vacuumed. :(. Shoes, shoes are very important for your look and comfort. I have heard lots of great comments about Ivanka Trump shoes but I have not tried them myself. What I do is I wear flip flops to and from the parking garage into the high rise and then change into one of the 3 pairs of Sam Edelman flats in my desk as they as comfortable and classic.

At your desk keep hand sanitizer, lotion, favorite pens, and a few snacks. In my desk, I currently have Trader Joe fruit bars, beef jerky, and packets of Justin's peanut butter to be mixed with my daily banana. In our refrigerator I'm stocking Bai. Of course we have water and coffee but since going off of Mountain Dew I have to replace it with something flavorful and Bai is low carb and delicious!

Also in my desk are magazines. I typically buy them from my library and bring in a few to read during lunch (I eat at my desk so I can leave early). Keep books updated on your iPad too for when you do not have a magazine.

This is getting lengthy so I'll stop here but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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