28 September 2016

Chitlins Update

It has been a good while since I've done an update on the children, or chitlins as I call them. They are all doing well for the most part. I'll start with the oldest, Alexander. He is still deployed (cannot share details) but is happy. This is his second deployment and for some strange reason he's happiest when deployed. He will be home early next year.

Anne is doing great in L.A. She has lost 100 pounds since moving! She works out like crazy and eats a low carb diet, which is easier to do with all of the inexpensive fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables out there. She's regularly working as a make-up artist, including just finished a Netflix show.

William is a senior in high school and is doing pretty well. He has had some recent girl drama but let's face it, that happens in high school. We are looking at tech schools for next year (coding) and he's working at a local fast food restaurant.

I'm blessed to be their mother.

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