19 March 2017

Hey There!

Surprise! I'm sure you're surprised to see this pop up on your bloglovin' feed or Facebook. I had some time today so I turned on Perry, grabbed a sweet tea, and opened my laptop. I just love Perry; he relaxes me. Are your windows open? We've been able to have ours open much of the winter. I think we turned the heater on about 8-10 times all "winter" long! We just add an extra blanket and socks at night but we've still been keeping our windows cracked open as we've found we sleep so much better with chilly air in our bedrooms.

Guess who was in town for the last month? My oldest son! He arrived back from Iraq at the end of January but wasn't able to come home until 3/9 (right before his birthday). Side note: I have an uncle on my dad's side that only came home twice a year from D.C. where he worked as press secretary for a senator. The joke was that he only came home to Kentucky when he would get gifts, his birthday in August and Christmas. Anyhoo, when we found out that Nicholas was coming home we were happy but when we found out he'd be home for a whole month we were ecstatic! He left Friday. Typically on his visits he spends most time with friends but it was the reverse this trip. He spent every weekday/night with us and weekends with friends. So we had lots of time with him. Saturday's are now errand day and Sunday's are church and preparing for the week.

We've also had a lot of sickness going around. Stomach bugs, colds that last 10 days, sciatic nerve irritated, and now pollen causing headaches, coughs, itchy and watery eyes are the symptoms causing annoyance. Oh Georgia.

Does anyone know of a Blogger app that actually works? I'm having issues with the one I've been able to find. I'm having to go back and forth from my iPad to computer for awhile, and since I rarely have usage or the want of using it after a long day of work, I'd rather do it all on my iPad and keyboard. I signed a contract that I would not do anything personal on our company's computers and I do not take a lunch so that I can leave an hour early.

Can I admit that I have not been as focused on The Lord this Lent? I do not think giving up my personal Facebook is an effective thing to use as I still go on all social media for work. I also gave up solitaire on my iPad at night. I am not getting up early enough to do my Bible study at home (I snooze through the 15 minute alarm I set for it-sadly) so I'm doing it as I get to the office so though I pray it's not like it was when I worked from home. I just ready Anna's Lent post on giving up nearly all internet. That's impossible with my job but I'm envious of that ability. I've decided to rededicate myself with the days I have left to zero internet/social media/iPad/iPhone use outside of texting at night. Not even reading on my iPad. I have stacks of magazines and books that I've been putting off reading. What are you doing for Lent?

Please send me all of your Instant Pot recipes! I have had one since last summer and have not used it once. Oops! I have woefully been neglecting a lot of cooking. I mean I still cook but it's more convenience meals than I'd like to admit. Getting up earlier to get my slow cooker set is not happening-we've discussed that already.

I hope to get back to here soon but if you don't hear from me then go to Southern WASP's Facebook page and see what I've been up to. I am on Tumblr more frequently as that app actually works.


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