26 April 2017

summer styles for my hipster and prep boys

How handsome are these fellas? This post is all about my two sons. Last week Bonobos contacted me about doing a post and knowing that my boys' styles are SO Bonobos that I thought I could do an update on their lives as well as pick out some styles that are perfect for my hipster (oldest) and my prep (youngest).

For his 9-5, or 9 months, Nicholas wears fatigues as an Army Corporal and Expert Infantryman. He will be training all summer so we will not see much of him but he is based just a few hours away so he can pop home for a long weekend when he has time. Since he was about 16 he's been a hipster in his private life. His jeans were so tight that we are still slightly concerned we may not have grandchildren. ;) This summer clothing will be perfect for his off-time.
As he's aged, his jeans are a tad less tight and he will wear more Ralph Lauren (he was raised by me after all).  As you can see, he loves him some short sleeve button-ups with jeans. Bonobos has a summer weight jean, which is perfect for when he comes to Atlanta. I think Nicholas will buy everything on the list I made for him.

This young man has a big month next month. He graduates from high school! After online schooling causing him to get behind we are all set to be finished with high school. I'm not sure what is next for him but we'll figure it out. Bryson was always my nerdy super casual dresser until recently. He almost refused to wear a polo because he had to wear them as part of his school uniform in elementary and middle school.
That is until on 90's Day for Spirit week at school. I was thinking of how the guys dressed when I was in high school and that was either a LL Cool J big pant thing or Zach Morris on Saved By The Bell *swoon* with his jeans, t-shirts topped with OCBD's. So I laid that out for him and honestly that's become his style. He wears either plain shirts with different type of OCBD's with jeans or khaki's but sometimes he pulls out his nerdy gaming shirts that he tops with OCBD. He's becoming my prep...almost! Check out Bry's perfect Bonobos outfits here.

Let me know what you purchase from Bonobos!

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