23 May 2017

Friends Across The Pond

I cannot imagine how the people of Manchester feel right now and hope that I never have to find out. Interestingly, I had planned on writing this week about my weekend with British television before this tragic event even took place. Every single one of the families involved with the massacre is in my prayers. Ever since I was young I have felt a kindred with the UK, with good reason as both side of my families came from the British Isles (Cornwall and Scotland). It may be kind of silly now to talk about but as the Brits said in the War, Keep Calm and Carry On.

My local PBS station has been airing the 1980's version of Miss Marple, the sweet octogenarian "friend" of the police. I. Am. Obsessed. The clothing, the English countryside, the lack of violence shown for a murder mystery, and honestly, the way it makes me think about things to put together the crime. If you haven't seen it, I cannot recommend it more and you'll find them on YouTube or your local PBS station (if you are in Atlanta area, it is on GPB).

While watching last weekend's episode, my friend C sent me a picture of a Fair Isle sweater that she knew I'd like just as much as she that was worn on the episode. By morning she had found the same sweater for sale 30 years after the airing! If you like English country clothing, Cording's looks beautiful!
Of course you know I HAD to mention Prince George and Princess Charlotte in a UK post. They looked absolutely precious at their Aunt Pippa and Uncle James' wedding. I really didn't care for Duchess Catharine's dress, but that's just me. The children in their Pepa & Co. ensembles were perfection. I wish the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

Once again, I give my sincerest condolences to the people of Manchester. 

18 May 2017

May's Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
May 18, 2017

Outside my window... It's is warm and humid. We are in the 90's with heat index even higher. We are cooling down to the 80's next week!! Hopefully we can open the windows once again!

I am thinking about... how my son today. He has to make a big decision, which will affect the rest of his life. (Intrigued yet? ;) 

I am thankful... for so much...it's difficult to narrow it down to one thing. Today is my youngest son's last day at high school FOREVER! I'll go into detail sometime about his school years but if you've followed me for awhile you'll remember that we have done public, private, and even homeschooling. Next week Will graduates high school!! For that I am so thankful.

I am wearing... Ralph Lauren polo shirt (similar), skirt, flip flops (normally I wear flats but my ankle is hurting and in a brace), necklace 

I am going... nowhere as I just got home from work then dropping my son off at work.

I am hoping... to start swimming again soon. I'm waiting for the pool to open. It is usually open by now and I'm slightly frustrated.

In the kitchen... breakfast was breakfast burrito, lunch was chopped salad from Shane's Rib Shack (lunch was catered!), dinner was salmon and veggies for Bryan and leftover BBQ chicken for me. (No carbs after lunch minus a bit of sweet tea.)

I am reading... Women Who Work and The Magnolia Journal.  

Favorite Quote... 

A peek into my day... my Lilly Pulitzer S'well bottle has been a constant when outside the last week. 

07 May 2017

Mother's Day Present Ideas

For the first time in years of blogging my mother contributed to a post! I am going to share what she told me first and then I'll post the ideas:

- What a mom really wants for Mother's Day is for all her family to be together and that is especially true for me since we all live so far apart and my 97 year old mom is still alive and well. I need to spend each one with her as I don't know how many more I will have with her, although she told me last week she may make it to 100.
- A mom always wants to love and be loved and let her husband, children, and grandchildren know it.
- A mom also wants all of her family to go to church with her on Mother's Day.
- A mom never wants to cook on Mother's Day so being taken out for a Mother's Day brunch is a good one.
- I love to shop for myself so I love gift cards to my favorite places such as Dillard's, Macy's, or Chico's.
- I love to travel so a gift card for a hotel is one I love.
- I love Coach purses and would enjoy a gift card from there.
- I love Tea Rose or Beautiful perfumes.
- I think what's important for most mom's is not the gifts but the feeling that her children have grown up to be wonderful, loving, caring adults who are happy with their life and themselves. That they have a wonderful relationship with Christ their Savior. (I couldn't agree more!)

For my favorites:
Mom and Dad got me a necklace from KJP for my birthday last November so when I saw they have a Mother's Day monogrammed necklaces I was so excited! If you order today there's free shipping! Hurry!
A Chef's Life is seriously one of my favorite shows, cooking or otherwise. Vivian Howard is the chef on the show and the author of the large Deep Run Roots autobiography/cookbook.

Do you know how the Parisians have a signature scent? Bronze Goddess is mine. I realize this is typically a summer scent but why not smell like Coppertone year round?
I love pajamas to lay around in when I get home from work. These from Brooks Brothers are perfect for warm summer nights.
You knew Lilly had to be on my list. Ophelia is one of my favorite styles and it's perfect for air conditioned offices.

I love tech clutch's. This one from Mark & Graham looks perfect! The ones I have are Lilly, and though adorable, this is more professional.

There is much more I could add but this is getting quite long already. If you are a daughter or son, do your best to make her day special. Look on Instagram this week for photos of my children and I as well as Mom and I.


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