23 May 2017

Friends Across The Pond

I cannot imagine how the people of Manchester feel right now and hope that I never have to find out. Interestingly, I had planned on writing this week about my weekend with British television before this tragic event even took place. Every single one of the families involved with the massacre is in my prayers. Ever since I was young I have felt a kindred with the UK, with good reason as both side of my families came from the British Isles (Cornwall and Scotland). It may be kind of silly now to talk about but as the Brits said in the War, Keep Calm and Carry On.

My local PBS station has been airing the 1980's version of Miss Marple, the sweet octogenarian "friend" of the police. I. Am. Obsessed. The clothing, the English countryside, the lack of violence shown for a murder mystery, and honestly, the way it makes me think about things to put together the crime. If you haven't seen it, I cannot recommend it more and you'll find them on YouTube or your local PBS station (if you are in Atlanta area, it is on GPB).

While watching last weekend's episode, my friend C sent me a picture of a Fair Isle sweater that she knew I'd like just as much as she that was worn on the episode. By morning she had found the same sweater for sale 30 years after the airing! If you like English country clothing, Cording's looks beautiful!
Of course you know I HAD to mention Prince George and Princess Charlotte in a UK post. They looked absolutely precious at their Aunt Pippa and Uncle James' wedding. I really didn't care for Duchess Catharine's dress, but that's just me. The children in their Pepa & Co. ensembles were perfection. I wish the newlyweds a long and happy marriage.

Once again, I give my sincerest condolences to the people of Manchester. 


  1. I am confounded by the violence around the world today. This global war has GOT to stop. Extremism has got to end.��

    And all things British ought to live on. ����


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