11 June 2017

Next Chapter

Happy Sunday! 

I apologize for my lack of posts lately. And I'm about to tell you why...

First, this is my busiest time at work. I am a social media manager and receptionist for a very large commercial general contracting firm. So Spring is when we are getting most of our jobs for the year lined up so I'm answering tons of calls, running things back and forth from the bid room to the VP's office, and just keeping the copious amounts of coffee going. Those days mean I tell everyone they're on their own for supper and plop on the couch with a heating pad for my back and ice bucket for my ankle. On top of that I handle all of the creative content for our social media platforms and blog and handle customer service on those platforms. During the Winter I am constantly trying to figure out what to post because some of our projects stop for the weather, but during the Spring, Lordy Day. I'm overwhelmed with things to post, which honestly makes my job easier. 

Second, my two oldest children have been at crossroads in their lives. My oldest was trying to decide whether or not to re-enlist in the Army. He wanted to re-enlist but he didn't want to if he was going to be sent to Syria to die. You see he is just like his grandfather and is a sharp shooter and leader in his unit. He's made it from the lowest rank of Private in Infantry to going to Sargent's course in 4 years. This normally takes 7 years! I'm so proud of him. He told the Army that if they wanted to keep him they would have to take him out of his unit and put him in one that would guarantee that he would not be going to Syria. He's been to Africa and Iraq and actually loves being deployed so if they want to send him somewhere that he can advance easily, not be stuck behind a desk, and get a bonus he will sign back up. They made the deal and he will be in for the next 3 years. It's a scary time to have a child in the military, but I know the Lord made him for this and we just have to pray that he is kept safe. We'll find out in January where he will be sent next. Fingers crossed for Fort Benning, which is only 1.5 hours from us!

My middle one that lives in CA is thinking of coming back home, well, at least to her home state if not to our house. She hasn't completely made up her mind but she's leaning towards it. You see, Georgia is now the #1 state for filming in the US! Can you believe that? So, if it would be easier for her to come back with her family and friends plus find more jobs then why not? (She's a make-up artist.) So she's going to decide in the next few months. Goodness gracious. I just realized how pack her closet is with junk. I'll need to clean that out if she decides to move back. It would make us so happy to have her back!

The baby. He has graduated! I honestly wasn't sure if he was going to ever pass that pesky Algebra 2! Lord have mercy! It was stressing us all out. I think his Papa was the most concerned. He literally called or texted me weekly the last 2 months before graduation. You can see pictures of it on my Instagram. Bry is such a sweet boy and it broke my heart to see him so upset and worried. He's still working at Chick-fil-A for now. I get asked what he's going to do about college and I'm not pushing him right now. I probably will next month make him decide if he wants to go to tech school, coding school, or whatever. So, I'll let you know when he decides anything.

Husband is busy working hard and doing a sort of decent job as a Househusband. He doesn't cook or fold laundry but he can cart Bry around and handle things like the cable going out. 

I'll post again later in the week but as of now I will close. Just know that if I am absent for any reason I think of y'all and pray for y'all. Don't forget you can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.


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