20 January 2018

Still Here!

According to the weather, summer is leaving us so I thought I would come on here and say hello! It's like when school starts and you give an "what I did this summer" essay. :)

Honestly, it was one of the best summer's ever! I am tan, though we did not go to any beaches, but because for the first time in years I have not been in a cast or had any type of illness prohibiting me from 3-4 times per week use of our neighborhood swimming facility. It was just amazing! Since I live in Georgia, they are keeping the pool open until the 30th! So it may be chilly, but I can continue to swim for 2 more weeks. I've been spending my mornings job hunting and my afternoons helping my husband with his clients. 
This is me trying on clothes in Lilly Pulitzer store in Buckhead at the big sale. 

And, most importantly, spending as much time with my teenager as possible. This summer he was in summer school, but managed to go to Florida with our church youth group. We go to a mega church and over 1k high schoolers went! Is that not insane but awesome?! William broke up with his girlfriend which was no fun. Here is a picture of him after getting his permit. His expression was not a happy one because as it turns out he was getting really sick. He and my husband (somehow I avoided it) seemed to have The Plague for like a month and it began for Will on that day.

My other two children have had a big summer. My oldest was in Air Assault School in the Army. It was a grueling. He was initially kicked out of the program because he ate. Seriously. He was not aware that he could not eat breakfast before a long run, and he did so he was not able to participate for two weeks. He studied hard and passed the test and went on a 12 mile run loaded with gear. He passed that test as well. I'm so proud of him!

On the exact same day that Nick was graduating, so was my daughter. If you recall, in March I had a little breakdown as my little girl (that is 4" taller than me) left for school in California. She finished and is a special effects makeup artist! She graudated top of her class. She already has jobs just two weeks after graduation. Here's why...look how talented!

If you're interested in my every day life, make sure to follow me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! It is @vintagewasp for every platform except for Facebook, which is Southern WASP. You'll see pictures of my Starbucks. :) I'll post again soon, I promise! Next time I'll share the main reason I have been not posting. So stay tuned!

September's Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
September 19, 2016

Outside my window... It is finally a tad cooler at 87 but still quite humid so it feels like 90. I'm hoping the 90's are over soon! Our swimming pool closed so I need it to cool down so I don't have FOMO. 

I am thinking about... my how blessed I am in my job. I'm much less tired when I get home so after nearly 6 months my body is getting used to being out and about all day.   

I am thankful... that my husband and my children want to talk to us, even after they move away.

I am going... after home after work. 

I am hoping... to do better on my diet (she says while drinking an iced PSL).

In the kitchen... breakfast was breakfast burrito, lunch was leftover pasta, and dinner will be chicken pot pie* and salad with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. 

I am reading... Garden & Gun magazine and The Waiting Time by Eugenia Price. I always snapchat when I start a new book so make sure you follow me there (vintagewasp).

Favorite Quote... “The fairies, as was their custom, clapped their hands with delight over their cleverness." J.M. Barrie

A peek into my day... this is from Labor Day with my sister's family and mine. We went to dinner at Cracker Barrel.

*Please make sure to use real Cream of Chicken soup like from Pacific. I get mine at Publix but Whole Foods also sells it.

May's Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
May 18, 2017

Outside my window... It's is warm and humid. We are in the 90's with heat index even higher. We are cooling down to the 80's next week!! Hopefully we can open the windows once again!

I am thinking about... how my son today. He has to make a big decision, which will affect the rest of his life. (Intrigued yet? ;) 

I am thankful... for so much...it's difficult to narrow it down to one thing. Today is my youngest son's last day at high school FOREVER! I'll go into detail sometime about his school years but if you've followed me for awhile you'll remember that we have done public, private, and even homeschooling. Next week Will graduates high school!! For that I am so thankful.

I am wearing... Ralph Lauren polo shirt (similar), skirt, flip flops (normally I wear flats but my ankle is hurting and in a brace), necklace 

I am going... nowhere as I just got home from work then dropping my son off at work.

I am hoping... to start swimming again soon. I'm waiting for the pool to open. It is usually open by now and I'm slightly frustrated.

In the kitchen... breakfast was breakfast burrito, lunch was chopped salad from Shane's Rib Shack (lunch was catered!), dinner was salmon and veggies for B and leftover BBQ chicken for me. (No carbs after lunch minus a bit of sweet tea.)

I am reading... Women Who Work and The Magnolia Journal.  

Favorite Quote... 

A peek into my day... my Lilly Pulitzer S'well bottle has been a constant when outside the last week. 

13 January 2018

Happy New Year!


I'm popping in to say a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I really hope everyone has enjoyed the holiday season. I cannot believe it is already over! Well, I still have seven Hallmark Christmas movies on my DVR so it's not completely over for me. Ha!

We had all three children home for Thanksgiving! It was so wonderful! The baby boy had to leave early for work hence his face. He was working at Target during the holiday season and his hours were insane and he was constantly exhausted. But to have my Army boy and West Coast daughter home was just magical. We ate and ate. Ha! 

Then my company had a retreat and Christmas party in early December. B and I traveled to Fayetteville, AR. I had classes all day then we had fun at night. Here's he and I at the party. I'm wearing Lilly Pulitzer Ophelia dress (print no longer available) if interested.

We celebrated my beautiful daughter's birthday. William cannot make a serious face. Here she is opening her presents.

We (minus Anne) went to Kentucky to celebrate Christmas with my family up there. It was such fun! I need to make sure to go up there more often this year (it's one of my goals-keep reading). My sweet Nana is nearing 99 years old so all of the time I get to spend with her is so precious to me. 

My niece with Nana

Those are just a few photos. As you can see we had a great time! I just wish I had gotten a photo of myself alone with Nana. Hopefully there will be more time to do so. Babygirl could not come with us to Kentucky. Boo. 

As you may have noticed (or not), I have not blogged in some time. I actually did not have the ability as far as technology because the app on my iPad did not work any longer and I could not load pictures from my phone to my computer. Well, for my Christmas present I was gifted a brand new MacBook Pro by my honey! So now hopefully I will be able to blog more often and use so many photos as I have here. Let's face it, most pictures are taken on phones nowadays. Maybe someday I'll get a DSLR and get back to regular photos.

The last two years I have had words of the year. 2016 was "Hustle", which I did and got my great job!  I still love where I work and what I do. I still hustle and hope to move up in my company this year. I had a meeting with my supervisor just last week on how to make that happen. 2017 was "Balance", which I did not find. My poor boys went from eating healthy homemade meals to more packaged foods than I care to admit. In the last few months though I have made more of an effort on that front. I don't come home every night and have to prop up my swollen feet. Blogging was to happen last year as well but did not, obviously. So this year I have made my word "Joy".

See those smiles? That's my sister and I last October. I want to smile more. Even though I have always been happy-go-lucky, I have felt myself become cynical and unhappy. It's not my family or work but what I read online (I cannot avoid as a social media manager) and not spending enough time in His Word or at church. Social media has become so negative and sadly I can say I spend more time on there than reading my Bible. Eating unhealthily is also a way to feel unhappy. When your body doesn't get its nutrients or exercise it will be sluggish. So I want to eat vegetables at least twice a day and way less processed foods. To be transparent, I'm not doing as well as Id like already this year on this goal. Everyone up in Kentucky is getting older and so I want to make sure to go up more often. It makes me happy and calm to be around them, especially Nana. So spending time with family, maybe some travel, only on Facebook when at work, eating my fruits and vegetables, and spending time in the Word and at church are ways I think I will find Joy. What do you advise?

How was your holiday season? Do you have goals for this year? I want to hear them! 


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